BREAKING! Paul Ryan Addresses His Wildly Speculated About 2016 Presidential Intentions Once and For All [VIDEO]

This time he is super duper serious. He was also serious before, but people keep forcing his hand. So today, he made it absotively posolutely clear.

“Count me out,” said Speaker Ryan.


“Let me be clear, I do not want, nor will I accept, the nomination for our party. SO let me speak directly to the delegates on this. If no candidate has a majority on the first ballot, I believe that you should only choose from a person who has actually participated in the primary. Count me out. I simply believe that if you want to be the nominee for our party, to be the President, you should actually run for it. I chose not to do this. Therefore, I should not be considered, period, end of story. I just think it would be wrong to go any other way. So let me say it again. I am not going to be our party’s nominee.”

You can’t get more definitive than that. So drop it, media. And for pete’s sake, perhaps stop gnashing your teeth and rending your garment and floating your conspiracy theories, Trump fans? Kthx.


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