Sorry Trump Fans, No Trick Was Pulled, Nobody Cheated, Nothing Was Stolen, Says RUSH LIMBAUGH [AUDIO]

Today on the Rush Limbaugh show, he addressed the all-day drumbeat from Trump fans that the whole election was rigged. Indeed, “rigged” is the exact word used in their attempt to intimidate members of the Colorado GOP. Not so fast, says Limbaugh:


“It’s not rigged,” says Rush.

This is a long clip, which you can hear in its entirety at The Right Scoop.

You can argue all you want about whether Colorado is the way you think it should be done. But as Limbaugh said, “it’s not a trick.” This was not a deceit, a theft, it was not a subversion or a broken rule. That’s what Trump fans are claiming and it is just not true. And Rush Limbaugh is a trusted conservative voice, especially within Trump’s base.

Or he was. Expect them to turn on him immediately. They have no room for dissent. Or even facts. They only tolerate things that support their frenzied determination that Trump seize power by any means.



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