Jonathan Hoenig Tears Down Eric Bolling's Dumb Communist Plan For Trump's Wall [VIDEO]

Eric Bolling is determined to prove me right. The latest example? He wants to pay for a border wall by interfering with the buy and sell prices of oil between Mexico and the United States using price-fixing, government oversight, and government interference in and control of the marketplace. Hmm, why does that sound like a familiar form of central planning?


“Eric I think you’re looking at it from a nationalist’s perspective – we don’t buy anything. America doesn’t buy oil. Individual Americans buy oil. They buy it to benefit their lives.”

Also when Bolling (incredibly) asks how that is the government interfering, Jonathan replies, “who sets up the escrow account, Eric, a private company?”

Of course Eric immediately responds “the government!”

Hoenig’s response hits the bingo, the bango, and the bongo. As sooper notes at The Right Scoop, it’s called communism bud.

The only thing Hoenig didn’t say, probably because Bolling cut him off, is “oh yeah, THAT won’t set a bad precedent that can be misused in the future or anything.”

Imagine if every time Obama wanted to pay for some opiate for the masses he just fixed the price of a good between our country and another? And you don’t even have to go that far. Just imagine what the government, whoever is in charge, will do once they have control of that price? Does Bolling honestly think they’ll just stick to his plan of maintaining the current world price? Or that they won’t expand this oil tax to other countries? Come on man.


Disaster. But Bolling sums up his position best when he simply says to Andrea Tantaros “the point is, Andrea let’s do something. Which she of course immediately agrees with. Because she’s a Trump booster too. And Trump fans will do anything to make Trump right. Even give up on the free market entirely. Amazing.

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