MSNBC's Ridiculous and Shameful Cheese Attack on Ted Cruz

Yes that headline is real. You see at first the attack in this video seems like something silly on the part of MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell. Some dumb campaign nonsense that she’s just lame for bringing up. But after a few seconds, you realize why it is more sinister than that.


Mitchell treats the topic seriously, and points out gravely that this was no ordinary kid trying to put a hat on a Ted, it was his daughter. Heavens! Mika Brzezinski takes that bait and is appalled that Daddy won’t play, while Mitchell and Halperin discuss the political impact of looking like an idiot while on the campaign trail, a la Michael Dukakis.

Halperin is an unlikely source of sanity as he defends Cruz as a parent who loves his daughters and treats them wonderfully, which is true but in no way has stopped scumbag lefty cretins from attacking him as a dad. Nothing is beneath the left.

But of course, the fact that they made this a story at all is the problem here. They can demur all they want about Dukakis, but Andrea Mitchell, with Mika’s help, just pushed the story that Ted Cruz meanly refused to play cheese head with his daughter. It’s despicable and sinister. And utterly typical.


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