Ted Cruz Awesomely Mocks Trump's 'Late at Night' Twitter Antics As Meaningless [VIDEO]

This is great. At a presser today in Wisconsin, Ted Cruz was asked about influential radio host Charlie Sykes’ comments about civility in the primary race. Sykes, you will recall, made big news earlier today when he obliterated Trump in an interview. Cruz answered by blasting Trump for attacking his family, and then went one better, mocking the very idea of even listening to The Donald’s dumb, late night ranting.


“No candidate should be doing what Donald Trump did last week, which is attacking my wife and attacking my family.”

“I recognize that the favorite thing for folks in the media to cover is Donald Trump’s latest tweet late at night. But let me give an answer for the American people. Who cares? Who cares what Donald Trump is tweeting late at night? We need real solutions for the real problems in this country.”

That focus on late at night is excellent. Creeping around at night saying outrageous things and then acting as if it never happened when he’s on the campaign trail is the perfect example of Trump’s two-faced douchebaggery. Trump is a 100% believer in lying to his audience. It’s how he fools people who might otherwise find him despicable, distasteful, and dull-witted. Which he is.

It was a great comment from Ted Cruz, and he is entirely correct. Nobody should care what Donald Trump’s opinion is on any topic. The fact that we even have to pay attention to it is one of the saddest features of American politics in living memory.


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