Donald Trump Reveals What Would Be a DEVASTATING Video of Ted Cruz (If It Existed)

Donald Trump has the goods on Ted Cruz that will expose him as not just a liar, but one who lies while holding the Bible. Considering his need to court the evangelical vote, this could be devastating. Here is Trump at a rally tonight in Salt Lake City revealing the dirt:


“You know the greatest? He gets up and he said, and you saw that during the debate, but he says it all the time. ‘I’m the only one that can beat Donald Trump.’ Again, holding the Bible. ‘I’m the only one that can beat him. I have beaten him five times. I have beaten him five times. And this is it, and I’m the only one.’ And then what happens? During the debate? I said ‘yeah, but I beat you twenty times.’ He doesn’t mention that. You know.”

Wow!! Ted is wrong on several points. First of all, Ted hasn’t won five contests against Trump, he’s won seven. Busted, lyin Ted! Second he is committing the lie of omission. When he says he is the only person who has beaten Trump five (seven) times, as Donald points out he’s neglecting to mention that he also didn’t beat Trump five or more other times. That’s the same as a total lie and basically erases the five (seven) wins. A lie of excision!

And finally, Lyin Ted tells those lies WHILE HOLDING A BIBLE AT THE DEBATE! And many other times too! That is the lie of pretending to tell the truth while lying, or as it is known in the Bible “double plus untruth.”


Luckily, this is the modern age of America and Donald knows that everyone has a Polaroid (iPhone). Plus those debates happened on the television box. There is definitely video. So now all we need is the many many many enterprising and dedicated Trump fans to dig that video up.

Come on guys! The debate was right there on TV. Go find the clip of Ted Cruz waving a Bible and talking about beating Trump five (seven) times. Do it for America. Do it for Donald! Produce the video!!

Seriously. Go find the debate and clip the Bible portion. Really. Do that.

I’ll wait here. I’m sure this will be super fast.

(If post unclear, please install sarcasm font.)


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