Marco Rubio On Chicago Trump Rally Unrest: Some Protesters Are Probably Being PAID To Do This

During the chaos in Chicago last night, Megyn Kelly spoke with Marco Rubio by phone about what was happening, why it was happening, and what it means for this country.


Here’s an excerpt:

I will say no one is blameless here. Um, perhaps … I wouldn’t say Mr. Trump is responsible for the events tonight, but he most certainly in other events has in the past used some pretty rough language, encouraging the crowd saying things like “in the good old days we used to beat these people up” or “I’ll pay your legal bills if you rough them up” so I think he bears some responsibility for the general tone of the things that were happening before ..

As far as what’s happening tonight, I mean clearly this is an orchestrated effort by people, some of them are probably being paid to do this. I just think it’s sad all around.

All of that is true. Trump has without question encouraged his crowds to act out violently against protesters, and he meant it when he said it and they have done it. Trump says all the time, correctly, that people are angry. He says those angry people come to his campaign. And he brags about the size of his rallies. So in summary he fills a stadium with angry people, tells them people are out to get them, tells them who those people are, tells them to physically assault those people, and then they do as he says and physically assault those people. So yes, the sucker punch and similar incidents lead right back to his mouth.

It is also true that the leftists storming the place, setting off fire alarms, and trying to get on camera are there for their own political aims. Some have goals like global government, trying President Bush for war crimes (yes, still), and even more radical ideas. And they latch onto opportunities like this, and other protest movements, to make trouble. If you have been following leftist protest movements over the last couple of decades, and writing about them for the last 12 years like I have, you know there is virtually no doubt that this protest was organized and funded, and part of the funding went to paying people to be there.


These groups want violence, they want unrest, and they take their opportunity to get it. And invariably the money can be traced back to Soros and Move On and World Can’t Wait and a dozen other groups that would make your skin crawl. Whatever statements they put out about the events of last night, expect them to be riddled with falsehoods. Sadly, I expect the same from the rally attendees.

So Senator Rubio is right on both counts. He’s also right about one other thing. Something Trump says all the time and that is totally accurate: people are angry. Of that, there can be little doubt.


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