At Republican Debate Ted Cruz NAILS IT When He Talks About Firing Worthless Bureaucrats

Ted Cruz was fantastic at the GOP Debate on Thursday night. He is consistently the candidate (and Senator, frankly) most committed to the core conservative principle of limited government as a means to increased liberty, freedom, and prosperity. One particular answer he gave last night about firing bureaucrats really stood out.


Sorry for the Luntz focus group, but the reaction was too good to pass up:

Far be it from to endorse the utility of focus groups, however. You can read more on that from Streiff here.

But the two respondents in the above clip are exactly right. Anyone who has followed Ted Cruz’s career knows he doesn’t fear to tread anywhere. Certainly not at stopping government, reducing government, or firing people from government. Cruz can be counted on to get rid of those folks that some people only talk about when it is convenient to them. Some people with no track record, just rhetoric. The Ted Cruz record trumps that kind of convenient rhetoric.

(h/t The Blaze)


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