Better Business Bureau Denies Crazy 'Fax' Claim Made by Trump and his Supporters

Trump fan sites have another Fox News/Megyn Kelly fantasy to write about this weekend. This time, their conspiracy theory is that the Better Business Bureau “faxed” a document to the debate stage in an effort to correct Megyn’s statement about their rating of Trump’s miserably failed scam project Trump University and that Kelly nefariously refused to obey the will of said fax.

Kelly also told Donald Trump his rating from the Better Business Bureau was a D-.

Kelly was wrong.

Now this …
The Better Business Bureau faxed Trump’s “A” rating to FOX News during the debate. Trump handed it to the FOX panel.

The fan sites include a photo of Trump handing over a piece of paper with a big circle around the paper like they just proved aliens exist or something. It’s amazing.

There’s only one problem. It never happened.

CBS News reported on the statement from the BBB on Saturday:

On Friday, the organization said this: “A video released by Independent Journal implies that BBB sent a fax in the middle of last night’s Republican debate, which we did not. The BBB Business Review of Trump Entrepreneur Initiative (formerly Trump University) has shown ‘No Rating’ continually since September 2015. The photo tweeted out after the debate last night did not show the current BBB Business Review or the current rating.”

The statement comes amid an ongoing controversy over the now-defunct Trump University, which is currently embroiled in a civil lawsuit, and its previous BBB ratings.

On Thursday’s debate stage, Trump said of his school, “We have a 98 percent approval rating, we have an ‘A’ from the Better Business Bureau, and people like it.”

Debate moderator and Fox News host Megyn Kelly responded that “the rating from the BBB was a D-minus, and it was a result of a number of complaints they received.”

Trump later claimed the rating was elevated to an “A.”

According to the BBB statement, “Over the years, the company’s BBB rating has fluctuated between an A+ and a D-. At this time, the status is ‘No Rating’ because the company is believed to be out of business.”

There was no “A” fax from the BBB. And Megyn was right, Trump University did get a D- from the organization at one point. Those are the fax facts.

Whoever sent the supposed fax, it wasn’t the BBB, if it even existed. Trump was already cheating and he’s a well-known liar. Doesn’t seem like a big leap from there to faking faxes, does it?

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