Trump Stares at Protester Wearing 'KKK Endorses Trump' Shirt For a Few Seconds

Overstatement in blogging is the worst thing that has ever happened to sentient life in the universe, or ever will.

There were a spate of news and blog articles posted overnight blaring that Donald Trump “confronted” a protester wearing a KKK shirt on Friday. In those articles, though, there does not seem to be much discussion about what the “protester” was actually protesting.


Vagueness bugs me, and the vague headlines and tweets are misleading. If he was a supporter, it wouldn’t be called a protest. Copy? He was objecting to Trump.

The shirt said “The KKK Endorses Trump.” That’s not the same as man wearing “a KKK shirt.” And it appears to be homemade. The protester doesn’t exactly look like KKK material either. Plus he folds almost immediately. This is not, in other words, the story of righteous Donald Trump bravely facing-off against some intimidating KKK goon, as tweets or headlines might lead you to believe.

It certainly appears to an obvious case of someone protesting Donald Trump by suggesting that Trump gets support from the KKK. You know, as in that’s a bad thing about Trump. As in, it is a criticism of or objection to Trump. As in “protesting.”

As we reported here at RedState, Trump actually was endorsed by a real former Grand Wizard of the KKK. It is likely this that the shirt refers to.

He also stuck his tongue out at Trump. Because he was a protester. The news articles are calling him a protester. That means he is protesting. Yes?


I’m sure this was obvious to you all, but it seemed only responsible to spell it out, since no one else felt it necessary. Simply putting “protester” in the story doesn’t really cover it.

Now as for overstatement and reducing the drama: come on with the “Confronts protester” bit. He stares at the guy from the stage for a few seconds, walks around, and then says in the old days they would have ripped this guy out of his seat a lot sooner. Which old days though? When the subject matter is the KKK, it’s probably best to specify which “old days” you are actually longing for. Just a thought.



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