Obama Was So Busy With Work He Couldn't Attend Justice Scalia's Funeral ... But GOLF? You Bet!

President Obama was so busy and dedicated to his constitutionally sacred duty to nominate an activist liberal political Judge to the Supreme Court that he had to miss the funeral for the Justice we just lost. And he wanted to make sure everyone knew it, as the White House notified reporters of a photo-op showing studious and serious Obama and his Big Book of Judging on Saturday buckling down to the weighty task.


From yesterday:

But that was yesterday. Today? Sunday? Well Sunday belongs to the little name with the big G. You know the one: GOLF.

From today:

Yep, he was too busy for Scalia’s funeral. Not too busy to hit the ball into the hole. And in case you are thinking maybe his SCOTUS homework was only a Saturday thing, well that’s not what he said when he was making excuses for skipping the funeral of a Supreme Court Justice.

… aaaand back to yesterday:

Priorities, you guys.



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