The Forces of Darkness Align Against Cruz

You can know Cruz by his enemies. And they are out in force this week. Dark forces, even. The left has a narrative and they’re pushing it ahead of tonight’s debate.


Take this story, for example, from Mediaite:


From the article:

Things got a bit dicey for Ted Cruz yesterday, as he found himself in a heated exchange about his Canadian origins with a potential voter at an event in New Hampshire.

But of course, that’s not at all what happened. First of all, he wasn’t “cornered.” That’s ridiculous. He was taking questions from the audience. This was someone on in the audience. “Cornered” is ridiculous.

Secondly, the kid in question was a troll asking a troll question. He started out by saying “can you explain to me why and how until recently you were unaware you were a Canadian citizen from birth?” Oh yeah, he’s totally straightforward. Cruz handles the moron expertly. But Mediaite tries to spin it anyway because they think you are as stupid as the moron in the audience, who was clearly there to cause trouble on behalf of some other candidate. I won’t speculate as to which one, but I will speculate that it probably rhymes with Dumb as a Stump.

So just an all-around ridiculous, completely wrong story.

Next, this one from the Huffington Post. (Hey I warned you in the headline.) This is even worse, if you can believe that.



This is literally the exact opposite of what actually happened. This irate member of the audience attempted to berate Senator Cruz, who handle him calmly and respectfully and even urged the audience to relax and treat him respectfully. He couldn’t have possibly handled it better. It was textbook.

At no point did he lose his cool. That’s objective truth. That’s fact.

Both of these stories, by the way, have been shared favorably on Twitter today by purported Republicans who are supporting other candidates. These are not just lefty smears, they have video (you watch at each link) that could not more clearly show the exact opposite of the deliberately misleading headlines.

It’s a narrative, it’s false, and it’s lefty. Like I said, the forces of darkness. Hmm, I wonder who people think is the actual front-runner?

Know them by their enemies guys.


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