Trump Denies Dropping Eff Bomb! But Let's Let The Evidence Speak ... Literally

Tonight on “The O’Reilly Factor” on Fox News, Donald Trump was the first guest, and at the beginning of his segment, Bill lightheartedly and briefly touched on EffGate. During the bantering exchange, Trump repeatedly denied that he used the actual word. However, since it was on video, this claim is verifiable.


As they say in the business, let’s go to the tape:

Yeah, so, there’s really no transcript here. The point is to watch the video. But if you did, there’s really only one thing that needs to be typed out nicely in a blockquote.


It was a cute try. It is a minor controversy, and you tried to treat it as minor controversy, and you got Bill’s cooperation in treating it as minor … but then you lied. That part where you said you didn’t say the word? Yeah, that’s called a lie. Grin or no grin.

Like, you know how you want everyone to speak English? Right? You know, ‘oooh bad Marco Rubio, no Spanish, shame shame!’ Right? You know? Okay, so this is about English right now. You said “the word” in English. You stated clearly, in English, that you did not say that word. There is video of you clearly saying the word in English.

In English, that is called a lie. Like in the sentences “you lied” or “you told a lie” or “you are a big fat lying liar which is probably why you told that lie.”


I mean, it’s not the end of the world here, you kno? Dropping that eff bomb, while shocking and un-Presidential and uncouth and deliberate and a little weird, was not the worst thing that ever happened in electoral politics. You didn’t, for example, shoot someone in the street. But still, the facts are what they are.

That was an eff bomb. If you want to argue about that, Mr. Trump, do please go back in time and have a word with yourself. You’re the one that said it.

And lied about it. Oh, and then tried to justify it. So … yeah.


But it was a nice try.


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