Unhinged Donald Trump In New Hampshire: 'Tell Them To Go F*** Themselves'

Trump is losing it. His unhinged Twitter tirade was just the early stages of what is developing into a full-blown case of “Dude. Stop.” Listen to this total mess from an event last night in New Hampshire.


What, dude? What are you saying?

Trump says, basically, we’re going to bring business that used to be in New Hampshire but moved to Mexico back to New Hampshire, and then tell those businesses to go f*** themselves, because taxes are hard but some people are great though.

I mean, that’s not like, an official transcript? But that’s what he says. He sort of whispers the eff bomb. Because classy you guys.

The Right Scoop found this gem in a live stream from the event, and can’t make heads or tails of it either. It’s no wonder he’s so unliked.

You can view the entire event here. If you dare.


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