WATCH: Trump Spox Cannot Name One Single Vet Group Participating In or Benefiting From Trump's Vet Event Tonight

Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson was on CNN a short time ago and was asked a pretty straightforward question about the Donald’s event tonight raising money for veterans that will take place at the same time as the GOP debate. As you will see, Pierson has no idea what the answer to the simple question might be.


Not only does she have no answer for where any money may eventually go, she can’t name one veterans’ group that is even participating in the event.

So here is how it stands this afternoon: Trump is holding a “Veterans” event this evening instead of participating in the GOP primary debate, hoping to suck ratings from Fox. This event for veterans has no named veteran groups participating, and the money is all going directly to Trump’s own non-profit foundation.

It hardly needs to be mentioned anymore that this would be treated very differently in the press if it were anyone but Donald Trump.

By the way? There’s nothing on the website listing any orgs either, yet, contrary to Pierson’s claim.

So. Yeah.

Click here for today’s follow-up article. It only gets worse.



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