Don't Make Me Do This - An Exclusive Interview With Speaker Boehner

Interview With A Man Crier:

What an interview. The Speaker really articulated his responses in a way that speak to me. The fact is, things are too hard. I had to wait for the coffee to brew this morning. Like some kind of barbarian. I’m glad Boehner put those feelings into words.


Seriously, what did he expect? This parody was sent to via email and was, frankly, bound to happen. When Speaker Boehner whipped out the mock voice, he had to expect it. It’s hard enough being called racists and xenophobes and everything else when discussing conservative issues and specifically immigration reform. Flat out mockery from the leadership can only be expected to grate and answered in kind.

But remember, Speaker Boehner said today that you tease the ones you love. So it can only be assumed the makers of this video love him a whole lot.


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