New Podcast: The RedState Weekly Briefing

This week is the first public release of a new podcast called The RedState Weekly Briefing. Hosted by Aaron Gardner, the show covers, as you might expect, the news of the previous week, with an emphasis on content that the blogs have been focused on. This week, the panel includes me and Thomas LaDuke of FTRRadio, the producers and partners in the show. Special guest Raffi Williams of the RNC joins RedState and FTR to talk news, sports, and weather, minus the sports and weather, and to answer our questions OR ELSE.


This is the first episode so it’s not a well-oiled machine, but the thing really gets going at about the 45:11 mark. You can watch with video below, or you can listen to it as a podcast at

The RedState Weekly Briefing. It’s so good, it makes other briefings seem like mere summaries.


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