Face Off: Healthcare.gov Girl Replacement Contest (pics!)


The young lady known variously as the face of healthcare.gov, the Obamacare girl, or glitch girl, has been replaced in the wake of a massive internet and cable news effort to uncover her true identity. The speculation as to the reason behind taking her face off the site has run rampant, but we here at RedState have the answer. It’s a simple matter of truth in advertising! And today is your chance to be a part of that glorious truth.


The Official RedState.com Healthcare.gov Face of the Site Face-Off!

This is a Photoshop contest. Please submit your proposed replacement for the missing and missed Miss. Here are some examples from around the web, and below, some of our own examples. Put your skills to work in the pursuit of everlasting fame and glory!* Winners will not be selected and no prizes will be awarded.

Examples from Caleb:

The Scream:

All Glory to the HealthcareToad! (animated)

The Black Hole:

Example from Toby:

One Ringy Dingy:

So go forth and Photoshop! Please keep it clean. To enter, simply add your image in the comments below!

*Glory not available in states with names that use letters. Everlasting fame may not last forever, or exist at all.


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