Arkansas Democrat Puts On A Weird Show

I just … I don’t even … wut? The above video shows Democrat State Senator Gene Jeffress, who is running for Congress in Arkansas against Republican Tom Cotton, answering a question about healthcare. The first weird thing Jeffress did was get down on his knees in front of a woman, like maybe he was going to whisper the secret 11 herbs and spices to her. The second weird thing he did was assert that Germany has provided for the healthcare of their citizens for “centuries”. No wait, sorry. The first weird thing he did was to choose to wear that suit.


Then he told a story. A story about a woman who stood up and told him that “Senator, I don’t want to pay for no more n*gger babies.” About which our courageous civil rights leader stated “You know what that really sounds to me like? Racism.”

Wow, you work that one out on your own there, Sherlock? Suddenly, I’m super impressed with you as a champion of diversity!! Your obviously fake story about an obviously racist person to whom you responded in the most obviously easy way has convinced me to give you money!!! WE ARE ALL CREAM COLORED SUIT WEARERS TODAY.

Seriously. There are like 8 people in the room and this guy is working it like a stripper with daddy issues. I’m not sure he’s trying to raise campaign money, I think maybe he just wanted lunch. What was his next “campaign stop”, a highway exit where he offered to wash people’s windows for change?


There are always over-the-top, ridiculous politicians. But Foghorn Leghorn here has perfected the art. Dear Arkansas, You. Deserve. Better.


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