Daily Links - June 19, 2012

Today is June 19th. • On this date in 1856, the first national convention for the Republican Party, which had been formed only two years before by anti-slavery activists, drew to a close in Philadelphia. Dick Cheney presided. • On this date in 1905, the world’s first nickelodeon opened to much fanfare in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Spongebob Squarepants presided. They had to say “nickelodeon” because the Kaiser had stolen their word “theater”. They chased that rascal to get it back, but gave up after dickety-six miles. • Also on this date, in 1868, Belgian-born Jesuit missionary Pierre-Jean De Smet held peace talks with Sioux chief Sitting Bull. Kevin Costner presided. Although the talks ultimately failed to avert war, De Smet was widely regarded as one of the greatest advocates for peace between the Plains Indians and the United States. He died three years before the Battle of Little Big Horn, sparing him a lot of awkward shrugs at D.C. dinner parties. • And finally, today is National Martini Day. The day is also known as “Narnian Martinizing Date” and “Nashital Martin .. Marlin .. Marty Eeney burp”, depending on how late in the day it is mentioned. Caleb Howe presided. • Consider this an Open Thread.


Pro-Life School Bus Firebomed in Rockford, Illinois | LifeNews
“Local pro-life advocates are upset that a pro-life school bus, run by a local Catholic Church, has been firebombed. They’re also disappointed the local media has reported very little on the incident.”

Liberal New Yorker Finds Sorkin’S ‘Newsroom’ Insufferable | Big Hollywood
“But his show rails against conservatives so tediously that even New York cultural elites found themselves rooting for the show’s conservative enemies.”

Van Jones’ Organization Cuts Ad Blaming Conservative Group For Trayvon Martin’s Death | The Blaze
“You see, one particular ad that Color of Change ran against Johnson and Johnson stoops to a level so unbelievably low that it has to be heard to be believed.”

Limbaugh: MSNBC mischaracterizing Romney more outrageous than interrupting Obama | Right Scoop
“Rush says that Andrea Mitchell intentionally mischaracterizing Mitt Romney’s comments about WaWa hoagies is way more outrageous than the Daily Caller reporter interrupting Obama last week.”

Romney Refuses Stupid Media Request To Give Commands To His Supporters | Ace of Spades HQ
“They just began this? In retaliation? Do they own time machine? Did they go back in time to “begin” heckling months ago? They just began this? In retaliation? Do they intend to only use their time machine for heckling? Couldn’t a time machine be used for more important purposes?”


MEMO to so-called “feminists”: NOBODY cares about your vajayjay! | Sister Toldjah
“Instead of being able to debate an issue passionately but respectfully in state houses like adult men and women, we’ve got narcissistic liberal ‘feminists’ playing ‘victim’ by generating faux ‘controversies’ during those debates in order to shamelessly draw attention to both themselves and the so-called ‘War On Women’ being waged on ‘real’ women by the GOP.”

A Triple Smack Down for Obama in Supreme Court from davenj1

eristic (e-ris-tik): adjective Also, er·is·ti·cal. pertaining to controversy or disputation; controversial.


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