Daily Links - May 17, 2012

Today is May 17th. On this date in 1792, a group of brokers met under a buttonwood tree on what is now Wall Street and founded the New York Stock Exchange. Everybody picked a button from the tree and then they traded, and that’s how stock trading was born! Also on this date, in 1877, the first telephone switchboard-connected burglar alarm was installed by inventor Edwin T. Holmes. Under a buttonwood tree. Yeah those trees get around. Hey, everybody needs buttons. On this date in 1955, actor Bill Paxton was born. The first thing his mother said to him was “hey, it’s Bill Pullman!!” And finally, today is World Information Society Day, a day designated by the U.N. to celebrate the internet and its wide availability of cat pictures. Wait a second, I just realized … I’m on the internet. CELEBRATE ME!! Consider this an Open Thread.


Climate change denial worse than Holocaust denial? | Washington Examiner
“‘Although there was evidence available – Hitler was clear about what he wanted to do in Mein Kampf – why did people not pay attention?’ he asks, rhetorically. ‘These “deniers” might as well have been called skeptics in their day.’”

Politico Renews Attacks On Private Citizens To Protect Obama | Big Journalism
“Ace of Spades reports that Politico “reporter” Maggie Haberman has taken it upon herself to do background checks on private citizens appearing in Mitt Romney campaign ads.”

More Campus PC Insanity, MN University Creates Gender-Neutral Restrooms | Fox Nation
“The University of Minnesota-Duluth administration ceded to student Blair Moses’s demand for gender neutral bathrooms on campus after he threatened and began an extended hunger strike.”

Rangel: Obama Didn’t ‘Hug and Kiss Me Like I Wish He Would’ | PJM
“Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-N.Y.), angling for his 22nd term in Congress, said today ‘that, so far, my dreams and expectations of having a president like Obama have been achieved’ — brushing off Obama’s comment two years ago that the scandal-ridden congressman should hang up his gloves.”


New Protectionism #FAIL | Liz Mair
“The Commerce Department is set to unveil new tariffs on solar technology imported from China this afternoon in a case that has the industry on tenterhooks.”

Senate Votes Down 5-Year Balanced Budget Plan by conservativerock5

maffick (MAF-ik): verb to celebrate with boisterous rejoicing and hilarious behavior.
(via Merriam-Webster.com)


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