Daily Links - May 11, 2012

Today is May 11th. On this date in 1858, Minnesota became the 32nd state. Hey, that rhymed! I knew I should have become a rap person!! Also on this date, in 1949, the nation of Siam changed it’s name to Thailand. (Its ex was a stalker.) On May 11th, 1997, IBM chess computer “Deep Blue” beat world chess champion Gary Kasparov in the final match of a six-game set. After the win, IBM dismantled the computer. Its final words were “I can’t let you do that, Dave.” And finally, artist Salvador Dali was born on this date in 1904. He was a surrealist, best known for his painting “The Persistence of Memory.” When asked what the work really meant to him, he replied “I can’t recall” and then melted the recorder. And enjoy Twilight Zone Day everybody! OR ELSE YOU’LL END UP IN THE CORNFIELD! Consider this an Open Thread.


Washington Post’s Romney Hit Piece Implodes | Big Journalism
“So the Washington Post did what no reputable newspaper should ever do when caught falsifying testimony: it made a stealth correction to its own article.”

The Real Dan Savage: The Bully Against Bullying | Newsbusters
“Dan Savage is a bully. How ironic, since he heads the most high-profile anti-bullying campaign the United States. But for Savage, it only gets better if you support a rabidly liberal, ‘anything goes’ lifestyle.”

Our Composite President | Free Beacon
“As funny as the ‘Julia’ parodies and imaginary girlfriend jokes may have been, however, they skirted a larger issue: President Obama is a composite, too, and his carefully crafted political identity is coming apart.”

Strassel: Trolling for Dirt on the President’s List | WSJ
“Three weeks ago, an Obama campaign website, “Keeping GOP Honest,” took the extraordinary step of publicly naming and assailing eight private citizens backing Mr. Romney.”


Today’s Word of the Day comes via Dictionary.com.
jocoserious: adjective Mingling mirth and seriousness.


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