Daily Links - April 3, 2012

Today is April 3rd. On this date in 1860, the Pony Express began service. It lasted until October of 1861, when Kevin Costner finally defeated General Bethlehem. Also on this date, in 1996 suspected “Unabomber” Ted Kaczynski was arrested at his remote shack in the woods of Montana. His main beef was with technology and “industrial society,” and he was eventually sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. I, too, once had a manifesto, but it dealt mainly with tacos. Finally, on this date in 1882, Jesse James was shot and killed at the age of 34 by Robert Ford, a member of his gang. It is widely believed Ford was hired by Sandra Bullock. Consider this an Open Thread.


Occupy.com- A Gift from the 1 Percent | Newsbusters
“While Occupy is known for their claim to represent the 99 percent, suave parties and Hollywood money are what made this venture possible.”

Doubly Dishonest | Washington Free Beacon
“President Obama’s latest campaign advertisement makes a number of questionable claims about domestic energy production under his watch.”

There Obama goes again | Human Events
“Once again this week, the president was out on the campaign trail bashing and oil and gas companies. And he continued to spread major falsehoods about this industry, which I guess is the polite way to put it.”

Van Jones: “They hate the brown folk, the gays, the lesbians” | Right Scoop
“Sometimes I just wish Van Jones would come out and say it. He’s a socialist/communist type just like Obama who hates the idea that freedom and responsibility belonging to the individual is the cornerstone of American society. And that’s exactly what he is saying here in this video”

Latest ABC News scoop: It doesn’t matter that previous scoops contradict each other | Jim Treacher
“One problem: this report directly contradicted Gutman’s report from just a few days earlier, declaring that there were no signs of injury.”


Today’s Word of the Day comes via Dictionary.com.
zeitgeber (TSAHYT-gey-ber): noun An environmental cue, as the length of daylight, that helps to regulate the cycles of an organism’s biological clock.


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