Daily Links - January 24, 2012

Today is January 24th. On this date in 1899, Humphrey O’Sullivan patented the rubber heel. I don’t really know what that is all about, but it sounds hilarious. Also on this date in AD 41, Roman Emperor Caligula was assassinated. Guy threw some serious parties, which likely would have been more fun without all the murdering. “Hey look, cake! Now I wish I hadn’t just stabbed Bob. Bob loved cake.” Therefore, it is with heavy hearts that we hereby dedicate today’s post to Bob. He loved cake. OPEN THREAD.


Huge Gingrich bounce in Florida | Unlikely Voter
“When word came out of InsiderAdvantage’s new Florida poll, I said to myself ‘I’ve heard this story before.’ Newt Gingrich shooting up like a rocket, but confirmation is needed.” (Note, this article is from prior to last night’s “debate”)

IMF to World: Gird Your Loins | RealClearWorld
“The International Monetary Fund is out with its latest forecast and it expects the global recovery to stall. The above video does a nice job summarizing the findings, but the nickle version is that it’s all Europe’s fault.”

‘A $1 million contract at Freddie was chump change.’ | Jim Geraghty
“A Morning Jolt reader who was a consultant for Freddie Mac offers a bit of perspective on what he saw there”

Obama the promise breaker | Washington Times
“2011 was no Sputnik moment, it was the president’s Solyndra moment”

Congressman grills Park Service on Occupy camping | Washington Examiner
“‘Let me tell my constituents who want to visit DC this summer that they can come to any park they want to as long as they say they are protesting.’ said Gowdy. ‘Can I tell them that?’”


Today’s word of the day comes from Merriam-Webster.
spathe: noun a sheathing bract or pair of bracts partly enclosing an inflorescence and especially a spadix on the same axis.

Thanks for clearing that up, dictionary. I think I understand the word even less now.


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