Daily Links - January 20, 2010

Today is January 20th. On this date in 1885, L.A. Thompson patented the roller coaster, so I’m pretty sure the GOP owes him some money after the events of this week. Today is also Penguin Awareness Day, say some internet people. That’s authoritative in my book, and therefore I am now aware of penguins.


(Video0 Allen West: We are at a modern day Chamberlin/Churchill moment with Iran | The Right Scoop

The GOP’s Suicide March | Charles Krauthammer
“This is no mainstream-media conspiracy. This is the GOP maneuvering itself right onto Obama terrain.”

Ron Paul Supporters ‘No-Shows’ at Ron Paul Event | The Shark Tank
“Noticeably absent at his speech were the usual throngs of supporters that tend to follow the congressman’s every move. The one constant about the Ron Paul campaign is this support base. But is his support starting to dwindle?”

Amid Heavy Opposition, Reid Puts Off Vote on Web Piracy Bill | National Journal

Today’s Word of the Day comes from Wordsmith.org.
connubial (kuh-NOO-bee-uhl): adjective Pertaining to marriage or the married state.


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