Photoshoppery: Newsweek Cover Edition

Updated: Scroll down for the winning image!

Tonight, Newsweek has managed to get itself discussed on Twitter by releasing a preview of their upcoming cover page:


As soon as I saw it, I thought “what is going on with the back of President Obama’s neck there? Is that a shelf??” My second thought was this was a good opportunity for a photoshop contest. My third thought was “seriously, what is going on there? Loosen your tie!” And then my fourth thought was “stupid New England Patriot jerkheads.” But then I went back to thinking about the photoshop contest, and here we are.

So, here is the assignment: make a fake Newsweek cover. Either of the “Newsweek’s cover translated” variety, or the silly variety. Either way, keep it clean. I’ve got a couple below the fold.

I’m assuming the thought process, such as it is, was “controversial sells magazines.” So in that light, I have a suggestion for Newsweek’s next cover, one that will really stir things up.

Of course, we all know what this really translates to, so here’s the honest version of their latest cover:

It doesn’t matter though. I have a direct line to the future, and this cover isn’t that far off:

Alright, get to work people. Let’s see your photoshop skills.

Update: For my money, the winner comes via Twitter. @BenjaminKruse delivers the killer blow below. For the unedited, larger version, click on the image, or go check it out at Buzzfeed.


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