New Obama 2012 Ad, RNC Response Ad

The President’s 2012 campaign is underway, and they’ve released the first ad, titled “It Begins With Us.” Allow me to summarize: “Remember how much you liked the President in 2008? That was awesome. But he’s super busy now. Here are some pictures of farms and voters!” Kind of ironic name for a reelection campaign ad. Begins? What were the last four years, pre-boarding? Anyway, the basic underlying message is that the President is crazy busy presidenting and golfing, so quit being lazy and go make people vote for him. Motivating!!

The RNC has also released a new ad, titled “Hope Isn’t Hiring”, as well as related website, Watch below:

Decent response. Note how the President doesn’t make an appearance in the dem ad, but the repub one features him and his policies prominently. Gee, wonder why that would be?


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