Olympic Logo Secret Message SCANDAL!!

Iran is Irate (that was a gimme) over the 2012 London Olympics. More specifically, over the logo, threatening to boycott the games. You see, they believe there is a hidden message in the logo. Here, first, I menacingly present the original.


I know what you’re thinking … UGLY. Agreed. (Or perhaps you were thinking: Is that Bill Clinton getting a … phone call? And for that I say SHAME ON YOU.) But apparently it’s not just ugly (or possibly NSFW), it is also a sinister plot.

From the ESPN article:

The secretary general of Iran’s National Olympic Committee said Iran sent a letter to International Olympic Committee president Jacques Rogge. The letter claims the 2012 logo spells out “Zion,” a biblical term widely recognized to refer to the city of Jerusalem.

That’s right, boys and girls. Look at it again. Do you see the secret message? No? RRRRAACCIIISTT!!!

Now, you may be thinking that Iran is silly and just seeing what they want to see. But I say they are RIGHT. There is a secret, scandalous message in the Olympic logo. They just got the message wrong. It doesn’t say Zion, as a simple rearrangement of the shapes will now prove:

Outrage!!! Olympics encourage teenage drinking!!!!

(You can tell the age by the trendy shoes, multiple earrings, and sagging jeans.)



But … could there be MORE secret messages? It was easy to rearrange the shapes to find at least one sinister conspiracy. Now the task falls to you, our readers. In the comments, show us the super cereal Rorschach Davinci-coded alien conspiracy messages being transmitted by the London 2012 logo. So we can cure it with our brains!!!

To start things off, I’ll add a few other secret messages I’ve uncovered in the comments below.

(Note: to add an image to a comment, you’ll need to host it elsewhere, such as at Flickr, Twitpic, Photobucket, etc. and paste the embed code in the comment.)

Rules: Should be safe for work. Try to rearrange the shapes without resizing them if possible. Winners will not be declared by anyone and there will be no prize other than the adoration of your many fans.


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