Daily Links, December 14th

Ethanol Idiocy Will Not Die – Rich Lowry, New York Post (via RealClearPolitics)

When Al Gore drops an environmental fad, it has truly reached its expiration date.

In his wisdom, the Goracle recently acknowledged what almost all disinterested observers concluded long ago: Ethanol is a fraud. It has no environmental benefits, and harmful side effects. The subsidies that support its use are an object lesson in the incorrigibility of Washington’s gross special-interest politics. It is the monster that ate America’s corn crop.


The mandate hangover – Ed Morrissey, Hot Air

While Eric Holder, Kathleen Sebelius, and the White House try the Chip Diller pubic relations strategy following the ruling yesterday finding the federal health-insurance mandate unconstitutional, other Democrats on Capitol Hill are preparing I-told-you-sos.

ObamaCare’s Legal Setback – Philip Klein, American Spectator

Nationwide protests were “Astroturf.” Polling was to get better once Congress passed a bill. And the new law was supposed to boost Democrats’ electoral chances in November. Throughout their campaign for national health care, liberals tried to convince us that opposition was a joke, only to be proven dramatically wrong each and every time.


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