Daily Links, December 6th

WikiLeaks Cables: Barack Obama is a Bigger Danger – John Bolton, Guardian

WikiLeaks has yet again flooded the internet with thousands of classified American documents, this time state department cables. More troubling than WikiLeaks’ latest revelation of US secrets, however, is the Obama administration’s weak, wrong-headed and erratic response. Unfortunately, the administration has acted consistently with its demonstrated unwillingness to assert and defend US interests across a wide range of threats, such as Iran and North Korea, which, ironically, the leaked cables amply document.


Are Conservatives Allowed to Amend the Constitution? – Reason.com

Slate’s Dahlia Lithwick and historian Jeff Shesol published an article on Friday criticizing the Repeal Amendment—which would allow the states to repeal federal laws or regulations if two-thirds of the states so voted—as evidence of a “conservative mission to destroy the Constitution in order to save it.” The piece rests largely on the authors’ claim that “Traditionally (and what is conservatism if not respect for tradition?) conservatives have railed against ‘Constitutional tinkering,’ while progressives have proposed all manner of amendments—some successful (women’s suffrage), others not (equal rights for women).” In other words, any conservative that supports the amendment is a hypocrite.

Here’s the trouble: This simplistic narrative bears little resemblance to the actual historical record.

DREAM Act turning into nightmare for Reid – Ed Morrissey, Hot Air

Normally when a political leader announces a big effort to push a bill through Congress, the requisite support has already been found or is close enough to it for a public-relations push. To fail after such an announcement makes the political leader look impotent, an outcome that when repeated enough usually results in a leadership change. Perhaps Harry Reid should start looking over his shoulder, because the push for the DREAM Act looks ready to go down to a massive and embarrassing defeat:




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