Daily Links, November 30th

Scientists get cells to switch types/tasks directly, thus avoiding the whole inefficient/costly/not very fruitful embryonic stem cell nonsense/rabbit hole.
– Ace of Spades HQ


I’ve always been fairly confident actual science would eventually render all the political/moral/religious theater surrounding the embryonic stem cell kerfluffle obsolete.

Whack WikiLeaks – William Kristol

But all of this still leaves us looking like a pitiful, helpless giant—albeit a pitiful, helpless giant in damage-control mode. Is there nothing to do other than wait this all out in a defensive crouch? Is there no way to counter-attack against the attackers? Maybe there is.

Senate passes new food police bill; Senator: “It’s all rigged” – Michelle Malkin

Today, I’m disappointed to tell you, the regulatory expansion bill masquerading as a “safety” measure passed by a large margin — with stomach-turning Republican support.

We few, we happy few – Exurban League

The slow slide of the United Kingdom into “Londoninistan” is pretty well documented by Mark Steyn and others, but maybe there is still a little fight left in Great Britain after all.



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