Coakley: Happy MLK Day! But enough about him ...

Shorter Martha Coakley: Voting for me was Martin Luther King’s famous Dream. You don’t hate his dream … do you?*

You know, originally I was going to clip the best bits from Martha Coakley‘s speech this morning at a Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Breakfast, but I realized there’s nothing to clip. You really have to drink the whole thing in.



“If Dr. King were here today, he’d be standing with us.”


“We will act on the dream tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow” referring to election day. The dream referring to Martin Luther King Jr.’s iconic “I Have a Dream” speech. “We will act on” referring to voting for her tomorrow as the realization of Dr. King’s dream.


“It’s important that tomorrow we act on that dream, and we make sure that we allow me to continue that work.”


As posthumous endorsements go, Coakley sure seanced up some powerful ones. I want to make a few more snarky comments, but I’m just plain too stunned by this speech. I mean … wow.

Oh by the way. Scott Brown was in the audience. Yeah.

Reporters afterward asked Brown what he thought of Martha’s speech. Via Gateway Pundit:


“I thought it was inappropriate to be politicking when we are trying to honor Martin Luther King today. I don’t have any comments on what it says about her. Right now I am not going to comment on anything political right now, we’re going to start campaigning in about a half hour… I certainly didn’t realize that this was a rally for Martha and I thought it was inappropriate that she was starting to ask for other people’s votes when we were trying to remember Martin Luther King Jr. … I don’t remember hearing anything about Martin Luther King except for minor references.”



*Inspired by: “You don’t hate children .. do you?” (just the first 50 seconds)

– Caleb Howe
On Twitter: @CalebHowe


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