Sam Nunberg, Former Senior Trump Consultant, Alleges Trump Set Up Fake Company, Misused Campaign Funds

Today, for reasons only known by Donald Trump, Trump decided to file suit against his former Senior Consultant, Sam Nunberg, as Caleb reported, and subsequently I wrote about the beans having been spilled on the alleged Lewandowski/Hicks love affair. But the Huffington Post picked up on yet another angle.


Sam Nunberg has now alleged in a court document what many conservatives have thought for a long time … Donald Trump set up fake business entities to augment his actual campaign, allowing him to maneuver around the restrictions put upon most campaigns.

From HuffPo:

Nurnberg says in his answer to the lawsuit that the Trump campaign illegally created a fictitious company, called Trump 2012 PCA. The company is listed as a plaintiff in the suit against Nurnberg, along with Trump’s formal campaign.


Nurnberg also claims the campaign “may very well” have violated campaign finance laws by using Trump company resources for Trump’s political campaign.

This is probably a stock example for lawyers involved in elections on why you don’t file a lawsuit during an election: You don’t get to control how the guy on the other end of the law suit reacts, and you better hope he doesn’t have the dirt on you, discovery is hell. Nunberg just seems eager to start with the pineapples.*


Trump 2012 PCA is neither a legal entity authorized by the Department of State to do business in the State of New York nor an assumer name for a legal entity or individual authorized to do business in the State of New York under the provisions of General Business Law § 130. Nor has Trumpv2012 PCA filed required certificates in the county clerk’s offices as required for its principal to legally conduct business under that assumed name.


Of course, this hell will be of Trump’s own creation, as have been most of his hiccups this election cycle, despite his protestations to the contrary. Seriously, have we ever had a candidate whine so much about how they are treated by the press? But I digress, there is more goodness to be found in the HuffPo report.

Like, who convinced Trump it was a good idea to take on this lawsuit, and for what reason? The simple answer is Lewandowski needed to cover his … um … assets.

Lewandowski advocated the suit as a way to make sure his relationship with Hicks ― which Nunberg’s filing calls a “sordid and apparently illicit affair” ― didn’t become public, the adviser said.

“Corey egged him on this suit,” the adviser said, adding that once it was filed, Trump was not interested in dropping it. “Trump never backs down.”

“Nunberg will go for Trump’s throat. This is going to be all-out war,” the adviser predicted. “This is going to be ugly.”

I have to say, as one of the original #NeverTrump people out there, this feels exceptional. But get some more popcorn, because the show is just about to begin.

Nunberg is bringing the heat in the suit, explicitly leaving a trail of crumbs for the FEC to follow if they so choose.

During this entire period, the Trump Campaign may very well have violated Federal Election Law by co-mingling corporate resources and failing to file the costs and expenditures the Trump Campaign has already incurred this past May and June.


Nunberg also noted in his filing that he believes this entire suit is due to Trump still being incredibly butt hurt over Nurnberg’s endorsement of Ted Cruz.

The Trump Campaign is seeking in excess of $10,000,000.00 and punitive damages because Mr. Nunberg endorsed Sen. Ted Cruz and allegedly used “a serious of derogatory remarks concerning Mr. Trump.” This is especially hypocritical for a candidate who frequently describes his opponents as “losers,” “crooked,” “child molesters,” and “liars.” Even this past weekend the Trump Campaign compared the 20123 Republican Presidential nominee, Mitt Romney, to a “dog.”

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for this to go to court, because we know Trump never backs down. Never settles.

* Google “Little Nicky, Pineapple” … it’s a classical reference.


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