Mailbag: Who Will Speak for the SATANISTS?!

RedState doesn’t shy away from religion when discussing politics. We understand that free people must be allowed to form their own opinions and that those opinions will likely be informed by their individual religious beliefs. Those of us on the Front Page of RedState also believe, to some degree or another, that our nation was founded by men influenced by the Jewish and Christian faiths. This holds true of even those who didn’t, or still don’t, profess the faith.


Here at RedState, we are not ashamed of our faith, the faith of the Founders, or the contributions to the heritage of western society, the very fabric of our culture, that were given from it.

All of that is to preface the email from a concerned reader which I am about to share, unedited – except for the email address.

From: Carl
Subject: so ya gonna support the satanists or are christians the only ones with reigious 
Date: July 28, 2014 at 5:11:23 PM EDT
rights?  like we don’t know whatcha gonna say: hyp-o-critters..

I don’t know what “reigious rights” are, but they sound positively delightful. I can only assume that this assault on the english language was meant to question the loyalty of RedState to the concept of “religious rights”, which, honestly, doesn’t sound as rowdy.

So, on religious rights…

We support the religious freedom of all religions. We do not believe adolescent outsider clubs organized by lonely hearts high school rejects qualify as a religion though. Please stop making The Matrix movies.

But really, who in their right mind is spending their days wondering how they can protect the persecuted Satanists of America? I mean, they follow Satan! On the scale of evil, you have General Zod, Ivan Drago, Commies, Nazis [Includes Hamas], Hydra, Red Skull, Nickelback, and Satan.


Of course, the oddest thing about people like Carl*, who bravely stands up for a religion that is literally committed to evil, is that you more than likely won’t see him stand up for the Christian’s being beheaded in Iraq, or the people of Israel and Gaza being bombarded with missiles fired by those on the cutting edge of the Religion of Peace.

Funny, that.

* From Moe Lane – Free advice: don’t write stupid things at 19 that you’re going to regret at 25. Or at least don’t do it using any name or email that will show up on a resume. Employers don’t like drama.

**Devil Horns image courtesy of Shutterstock.**


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