This morning Team Mitch released a campaign video. The video didn’t address the many betrayals committed by the  Senate Minority Leader, as detailed by Erick this morning. Instead it attempted to paint McConnell as working hard for America. But what it really did is give off the feeling that I shouldn’t trust this guy to run the carpool for school.


Our own Ben Howe was taken a bit aback by the horribleness of the Team Mitch ad and decided to improve upon it greatly.

I do have to give the guys at Team Mitch credit for having a sense of humor about all of this. When Ben tweeted out the modified hardcore edition of the video he received this reply from the McConnell campaign:


What isn’t all that funny is that McConnell would probably blacklist Ben Howe due to the work he has done for candidates backed by the Senate Conservatives Fund.

If we all want to have a good laugh at Mitch’s expense, might I suggest you bust out the check book and support Matt Bevin? These primaries don’t fund themselves.

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