Ken Buck Has Been Fighting the #WarOnWomen For Longer Than You Know. #KenCares

When many people in politics talk about Ken Buck and the War On Women they speak of an imaginary image crafted around a false narrative meant to smear the 2010 Senate Candidate from Colorado. Yesterday the Buck campaigned released a video called Stephanie’s Story which will shake up that narrative and begin telling the real story of Ken Buck and where he stands with women.


As reported in the Daily Caller:

The story goes like this: In 2008, Stephanie Drobny and her two young children fled their home in Montana after her abusive husband threatened to murder her and put her in the forest “where the bears would eat” her. But Ken Buck, in his capacity as the Weld County District Attorney, helped her “get through a rough time in my life,” Drobny, who is now a nurse in Greeley, Colorado, says during the video.

Aside from displaying a kinder, gentler Ken Buck, the video speaks to his interest in making policy. In the process of helping Drobny, Buck discovered a major loophole in the law that allowed perpetrators like her husband to continue contacting the children. Buck, Drobny, and even her daughter went to the state legislature so that they could help close the loophole. The bill was signed into law in 2011.

From his humble origins, his time at Princeton, the District Attorney’s Office, his advocacy for victims, work with charities, his run for Senate in 2010, and his bout with cancer and the faith, patience, and strength it took to overcome it, Ken Buck has a great story. And this video is just one in a series that hopes to share his story with you.


During the 2010 campaign Ken Buck was unfairly painted as lacking compassion and engaging in a “war on women” because of how he handled a single incident in a single case. This attack was completely devoid of context and meant only as a tool of political destruction.

While this narrative was false, the campaign was unable to overcome the narrative created by the left and take action to define Ken Buck on its own terms.

Much of the blame can be laid squarely at the feet of an hostile establishment during the primary, a nuclear meltdown of the governor’s race, a media which lacked any interest in the truth, and a small window between the primary and general election. But in the end, the Buck campaign failed to make the case to the voters that there was more to Ken Buck than what the press had latched onto.

The fact that the story of Ken Buck didn’t see the light of day is tragic. It is tragic because the real story of Ken Buck is simply amazing.

During my time with Ken and his wife Perry, while I was working for the campaign, I got to hear them tell their story. My conclusion? Ken Buck has been a prosecutor for 25 years, speaking out for the victims of domestic abuse, rape, fraud, and multiple other victims of crime and violence.


The war on women narrative that had been constructed around him by the democratic machine could not have been further from the truth.

In the real war on women that marches on day by day, Ken Buck has been an advocate and a protector of the victims. He has taken the time to go beyond just the minimal performance and given of himself in order to enact change. Buck has helped victims become survivors, and has helped survivors become advocates.

*Full Disclosure: I was the Communications Director for the Buck For Colorado campaign and continue to consult for the campaign in limited a fashion.


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