Ken Buck Wants Colorado to Choose a New Direction

Since the 2008 election, in which Mark Udall rode Barack Obama’s coattails all the way to the Senate, Colorado has had the unfortunate experience of having Udall represent the will of Washington back to those of us in Colorado, rather than represent the will of Coloradan’s to those in Washington.


Mark Udall voted in agreement with President Obama 99% of the time in 2013. Just yesterday Udall once again voted in lock step with his party and his President to raise the debt ceiling without addressing the out of control spending in D.C.

At what point do we say enough?

In a fundraising email sent yesterday by the Ken Buck campaign, Tim Griesmer, the campaign manager, asked precisely that.

“When Mark Udall first arrived in Washington, the national debt was $5.6 trillion. It’s now $17.2 trillion and growing. When will Mark Udall say enough is enough and stop supporting reckless, out-of-control spending? We cannot keep raising the debt limit because Congress refuses to find sensible solutions to the country’s out-of-control budget crisis.”

Now the national debt is just one issue, but Udall has a long record of partisan, ideological votes from gun control to Obamacare. Recent revelations also showed that Udall had no problem using his power as a U.S. Senator to bully and intimidate Colorado state agency officials over the disastrous enrollment numbers for the states healthcare exchange.

Radio talk show host, and occasional contributor to the Denver Post opinion page, Mike Rosen penned a blistering piece on the Udall scandal in which he urge others not to let this slide.

“Udall has been an enthusiastic supporter and defender of Obamacare, and repeatedly echoed Obama’s false promise that, “If you like your current health insurance plan, you can keep it.” Since he’s now politically married to it, you can understand why he’d want to quash reports of massive health insurance cancellations for his Colorado constituents.”


Colorado is a state that is split up between republicans, independents, and democrats pretty evenly. Udall’s voting record doesn’t reflect the actual partisan make up of the state. Colorado needs someone who will go to Washington and carve a new path and take us in a new direction.

Ken Buck cares about Colorado and our nation. As a prosecutor, Buck is used to being the voice for those who have no voice. Earlier this week the Buck campaign released its first video of the campaign called New Direction. Please view the video below and consider donating to Ken through the RedState 2014 Slate Card.

*Full Disclosure: I was the Communications Director for the Buck For Colorado campaign and continue to consult for the campaign in limited a fashion.


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