Why I #BackBuck and You Should Too

Next year, conservatives have an opportunity to take back the Senate and expand the GOP majority in the House. The stage has been set for another cycle reminiscent of the wave election of 2010. The chance to make D.C. listen is nearly upon us.


In Colorado, we have a conservative champion who is not ashamed of his principles, and is proud to stand with conservative leaders in the Senate like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Rand Paul.

That champion is Ken Buck.

I supported Ken in 2010 and I support him today.

Several months ago, I toured the Western Slope of Colorado with Ken and his wife Perry. After three days on the road with the Bucks I was impressed not only with the depth of knowledge Ken possessed about the issues, but also how strong his belief in America, Faith, and Family is.

Ken showed a passion for service that was a breath of fresh air. I could tell from the start that this wasn’t about him, but rather about representing the voices of many Coloradans who worry about the direction our nation is headed.

I knew then that I was backing the right candidate.

Ken isn’t a professional politician.

As District Attorney of Weld County, Colorado, Ken has been a champion for victims. Ken has helped victims transition to survivors, and in some instances, he has helped them become powerful advocates for other victims.

In addition to Ken Buck being a genuinely good man, he is also right on the issues.

Ken has been fighting against the disastrous Obamacare law since the beginning. And while much of the dissent was speculation at the time, we have all now seen that speculation bear out to be truth.

Ken also sees the fiscal irresponsibility in D.C. and believes that the appropriators must be restrained by a real Balanced Budget Amendment that doesn’t rely on gimmicks.


During the recent gun control battle in Colorado, Ken was once again on the side of the citizen. When disastrous flooding hit Colorado, and gun owners were put into the position of having to break the law in order to keep their legally owned weapons secure, Ken spoke out and refused to charge gun owners with crimes simply because they made sure their firearms were secure.

Our nation needs real solutions to our problems, and Ken Buck is ready to do the hard work needed to come up with those solutions.

I #BackBuck because of his passion, patriotism, faith, and principles.

We have just a few hours left until the 2013 fundraising cycle ends. Ken’s goal is to raise an extra $25K to put him in the strongest position possible for 2014. We can take back the Senate and put our nation back on the right track. We can defeat Udall and repeal Obamacare.

We can do these things, but first we need make sure Ken Buck has the funds he needs to win.

If you managed to make it past Christmas with some extra cash and want to make a difference for our Nation’s future, please consider a donation to show you #BackBuck. Also follow the campaign on twitter and Facebook.


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