Mayors Against Illegal Guns Uses New York City Resources

The official website of gun control advocacy group Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG) is hosted by the City of New York, according to publicly available web hosting records. This revelation, first reported by conservative blogger John Ekdahl on June 20, is the latest evidence of coordination between government officials and MAIG using public resources.


Founded by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, MAIG is registered under section 501(c)(4) of the tax code as a social welfare organization granted a tax exempt status.

Domain records at also state that the registrant of, MAIG’s primary website, is the New York City Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications (NYCDoITT).

In addition to the records available through WhoIs, records maintained by the American Registry of Internet Numbers (ARIN) show that the MAIG site operates on internal web addresses assigned as a block to the NYCDoITT.

MAIG NYC.govThe NYCDoITT has a range of internet protocol (IP) addresses that it owns, and the IP address for the MAIG site falls within that range.

The anti-gun organization has recently come under fire because its “No More Names” campaign listed the Boston Bombing terrorist Tamerlan Tsarnaev and California shooter Christopher Dorner as victims of gun violence.

MAIG has been involved in high profile gun control pushes in many states this year, including Colorado, and Wisconsin, and Connecticut.

Michael Merrifield, Mayor of Manitou Springs in Colorado, has been a long time member of MAIG and has announced his intention to run for the Colorado Senate in 2014. Merrifield, if elected, would hold the senate seat of embattled Senate President John Morse, who has been targeted in a recall election due to his votes in the last legislative session in support of gun control measures pushed by MAIG.

In Wisconsin, MAIG counts Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett as their most influential member in the state. As noted by Media Trackers Wisconsin, Barrett has often touted his involvement with MAIG and called for anti-gun legislation and new regulations at a press conference with Democratic lawmakers in early 2013.


In 2011, “Firearms Policy Coordinator” Janey Rountree worked from Mayor Bloomberg’s office to help a MAIG employee in the Columbus, Ohio mayor’s office with a campaign to block a bill expanding Ohioans’ concealed carry rights.

Last spring when Media Trackers requested to discuss MAIG’s work in Ohio with the state director, the request was immediately forwarded to MAIG leaders in Bloomberg’s office – who in turn reached out to far-left Media Matters for America for advice on how to respond.

Media Trackers has filed an open records request with the city of New York to determine how much, if any, taxpayer money has been used to pay for the anti-gun group’s website costs. Media Trackers will make that information available once it receives a response from city officials.

This story was originally featured at Media Trackers.



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