Leftist Groups Legislate Same Day Voter Registration, Election Integrity Hardest Hit

A bill just introduced in the Colorado legislature would allow voter registration through Election Day, beginning July 1 of this year. The legislation, which was drafted by Common Cause, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), America Votes, and various other left-wing organizations, contains provisions similar to fraud-plagued election policies in the state of Wisconsin.


According to emails obtained by Media Trackers Colorado, the “Voter Access and Modernized Elections Act” (HB 1302), was secretly drafted over the last several months primarily by left-wing organizations outside of the legislature, with no input from the Colorado Secretary of State – the office primarily responsible for the bills execution were it to become law.

The revealing email was sent from Colorado Common Cause Executive Director Elena Nunez to top union representatives, progressive lobbyists, Democrat operatives, and progressive county leaders across the state. Specific recipients included Martha Tierney, an attorney for the Colorado Democratic Party; Carolyn Siegel, lobbyist with Colorado Progressive Coalition and former AFL-CIO activists;  other executives from AFSCME, Common Cause, America Votes; and the County Clerks from Denver and Boulder County.

These notable Democratic strongholds within the state have coordinated the draft of this legislation since at least March 25 of this year.

In her email, Nunez notes that “The drafter [of the bill] is also working on the conforming amendments that aren’t already in the draft.” Additionally, Nunez notes that the initial draft may contain redundancies due to other recently introduced legislation in regards to mail-in voting.

Wisconsin saw same-day voter registration provisions lead to instances of voter fraud in the recall elections held in April of 2011 as well as the 2012 General Election. As reported by Media Trackers Wisconsin, out-of-state Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Senior Organizer Clarence Haynes “used same-day voter registration to register and vote in Glendale, Wisconsin.”


As the story progressed in the Wisconsin voter fraud case, it was revealed that Haynes was joined by two other SEIU organizers, all of which used a local Residence Inn hotel address as their proof of residence.

Wisconsin’s same-day voter registration provisions were also exploited by Leonard K. Brown and Chad Vander Hyden, who each cast two ballots. According to election documents obtained by Media Trackers Wisconsin, Leonard K. Brown “voted early on November 2 in the Village of West Milwaukee. Four days later he registered to vote at a Milwaukee polling place and then, prosecutors’ believe, cast a second ballot.”

Due to the occurrence of voter fraud and the investigation that followed in Wisconsin, the Task Force commissioned to investigate found that “the one thing that could eliminate a large percentage of fraud or the appearance of fraudulent voting in any given Election is the elimination of the On-Site or Same-Day voter registration system.”

Colorado Democrats have seemingly chosen to disregard the fact that same-day voter registration has recently and repeatedly been shown to contribute to voter fraud, pushing forward with provisions currently on the books in only eight other states

Beyond Election Day registration, HB 1303 also reduces the Colorado residency requirements for voter registration to 22 days, entirely eliminates precinct residency requirements, places “inactive” voters back on the “active” voter rolls, and does away with traditional neighborhood polling places in exchange for a few county-wide voting centers, among other drastic revisions of state election law.


Colorado Republican Party Chairman Ryan Call immediately reacted to the bill in a published statement, saying, “Democrats met behind closed doors with liberal interest groups, unions and their attorneys to come up with a plan that will help their special interests at the expense of the citizens of our state.”

Call asserted that “never before in the history of Colorado has one party made such sweeping changes to our electoral process without working across the aisle.”

This story was originally featured at Media Trackers Colorado.


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