Spokesman for Colorado Democrats Refuses to Say If He Voted in March Caucuses

Colorado Democratic Party spokesman Matt Inzeo refuses to answer whether he voted in the March party caucuses earlier this year despite repeated requests from Media Trackers via phone, e-mail, and Twitter.

Rick Palacio, Matt Inzeo, and Cindy Lowery-Graber

As previously reported by Media Trackers Colorado, Inzeo waited nearly a year after being hired by the state party to register to vote in Colorado. More important, Inzeo registered to vote a mere five days before the party’s March caucuses.  His outright refusal to answer whether he voted in the caucus raises serious questions about voter fraud since state lawexplicitly prohibits individuals who have been registered to vote for less than two months from voting in a party caucus.

However, state party chairman Rick Palacio and Denver county chair Cindy Lowery-Graber both told Media Trackers on the record that Inzeo did not vote in the March caucuses.  In fact, the two party operatives gave Media Trackers a nearly verbatim response.  “Matt Inzeo did not participate in the 2012 caucus,” Lowery-Graber wrote at 4:49 p.m. on Tuesday, June 5.  Nearly 24 hours later, Palacio responded via his iPhone that “Matt did not participate in the 2012 caucuses.”

When Media Trackers asked for caucus sign-in sheets to verify whether Inzeo participated in the caucus, Palacio refused to respond, while Lowery-Graber took to Twitter to say that “caucus sign in data is collected for specific party outreach purposes…and I am guessing this request isn’t for that.”  Lowery-Graber’s Twitter response to Media Trackers’ query was her first post on the social media site in 280 days.


Without being able to review the caucus sign-in sheets for Inzeo’s Denver precinct, it is impossible to independently verify that Inzeo did not commit voter fraud.

Although Inzeo was first hired as the communications director for Colorado Democrats in May of 2011, he did not register to vote in the state until March 1, 2012. Inzeo’s voter registration likely occurred at the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles according to both public records and a Twitter message he posted that same day. In fact, his voter registration in Colorado appears to have been only incidental since the Washington, D.C. license plates for his 2005 Toyota Corolla were set to expire on March 2, 2012 — the next day — according to public records.

In his Twitter posting on March 1, 2012, Inzeo noted his annoyance with an ongoing conversation near him and then included the hashtag “#ihavetheDMV,” which appears to be a typo for “ihatetheDMV.”  Barbara J. Brohl, the official who runs the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles, is a registered Democrat.




Originally posted at Media Trackers Colorado


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