Renewing America: Featuring Audible RedState

Our own Ben Howe [follow on twitter] has a weekly radio show, called Renewing America, that airs Monday nights at 9pm EST*. In this weeks broadcast I had the honor of doing a segment titled “Audible RedState”.


I chose to highlight Erick’s post “Impotence & Salad“.

Ben also went on to have an eventful conversation with GayPatriot aka Bruce [follow him on twitter also] on the GOProud/Tea Party letter and my response to it. For the most part, Bruce, Ben, and I -even though I was not in that segment – agree.

Below you will find tonight’s full show. Enjoy!

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Aaron B. Gardner

* Ben is too modest to tell you this himself but, soon** Ben’s show will be hosted and available via iTunes.

** I don’t know how long “soon” is, but check here for updates.


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