ATF gets roasted on Waco anniversary

On the 26th anniversary of the Waco Siege, the ATF memorialized on their Facebook page four agents who were killed while raiding the Branch Davidian compound.

“On this day 26 years ago, four ATF agents were killed in the line of duty in a mission outside of Waco, Texas. Special Agents Conway LeBleu, Todd McKeehan, Robert Williams, and Steve Willis demonstrated the determination and bravery that are the hallmarks of all ATF agents. We honor all the Special Agents present that day, whose persistence in the face of grave danger exceeded the highest of expectations. Their bravery and brotherhood continues to unite our organization in support of our mission to protect the public.”


“This is not going to go like you think it’s gonna go,” one early commenter predicted.

The post went viral, but the public didn’t quite remember the incident the same way as the government, nor were they quite as sympathetic towards the fallen agents as they were for the 82 men, women, and children who were burned alive in the ensuing stand-off over “suspected weapons charges,” widely considered the biggest debacle in ATF history.

A few of the best comments:

“ATF was burning kids alive before shooting dogs was cool.”

“ATF agent 1: we really need to work on our image after shooting so many dogs. ATF agent 2: Here’s an idea, lets remind everyone about that time we burned down a church full of women and children.”

“‘We haven’t hardly had any traffic on our social media pages lately’

‘I got an idea’…”

“Mission to protect the public by lighting them on fire? Weird flex but ok.”

“I can’t wait to see the FBI and y’all try this again in August with Ruby Ridge. Bold move cotton.”

“I’d post a Timothy McVeigh meme but I love my dogs too much.”

“This post made Janet Reno moist.”

“Can’t wait until the Kent State massacre appreciation thread.”

“Comment section almost as lit as all those people you murdered.”

Dimitri Karras of Firearms Unknown, a firearm component and accessory company that’s been a thorn in the side of the ATF for years, responded to the ATF post with his own memorial.

“Since the ATF wanted to have a Memorial Day today for Waco, we decided to participate,” he said, altering receipts to include not only the sales taxes customarily labeled as “Government Theft,” but also a meme depicting Bill Clinton and the church on fire with the caption, “Don’t have to worry about separating families if you… burn them to death,” and the names of the 82 Branch Davidians killed in the siege.


“CVS has got nothing on your receipts,” one person responded, highlighting the length of the receipt.

“It takes a lot of paper to list all the ATF/FBI’s victim’s names,” Karras replied.

While federal and state governments are excitedly rushing through more gun control, the Waco Siege is a good reminder that all gun control is enforced at the point of a government’s gun… and tank… and explosive gas.


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