The Watercooler ~ State of the State (and a couple territories) Primaries

July has been a strange month politically. With virtually no primaries scheduled, we have been left with watching the debate over whether or not to begin impeachment proceedings for President Obama, lamenting over what to do with the current influx of illegal immigrants on the border, rooting for Israel in spite of Kerry, and waiting to see if Chris McDaniel will prevail in his fight to expose the corruption in Mississippi that surely enabled incumbent Thad Cochran (whose use-by date came and went long ago) to eke out a win in their primary Senate run-off.


President Obama’s performance and actions of late are getting harder to tolerate — causing even the most prudent among us to refer to him as more malicious than incompetent, and for some, the culmination of acts of incomprehensible behavior can only be likened to that of a serial arsonist.

Maybe next month will at least serve to distract us from obsessing over what to do about the madness in the White House. We have a total of sixteen primaries scheduled in the month of August — including one in Guam and the Virgin Islands. The states with primaries include Alaska, Arizona, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Tennessee, Vermont, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

The state of Louisiana does not have traditional primaries. Instead, “All of the candidates for office run on a single “primary” ballot in November. If one of the candidates wins a simple majority of the vote – that is to say, more than 50 percent – he wins the election. If none of the candidates gets a majority, the top two vote-getters face off in December.”


Also, we have the RedState Gathering the weekend of August 7-9. Hopefully, we will have good live streaming of the speakers.

Hold onto God during these turbulent times. He sees all and knows all and hears our cries.

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