The Watercooler ~ Innocence

Some losses are more stunning than others. Indeed, we were only allowed a few short weeks to rejoice at the sound of Eric Cantor’s demise when a loss equally as stunning rattles our sense of security and hope. For me, time is temporarily suspended and I am left speechless and unable to fully comprehend what it all means.


I defer to others more experienced than I to glean insight and understanding before I speak. I even have to cover my ears and close my eyes to shield myself from hearing the cries and outpouring of rage and horror coming from my fellow political friends and warriors.

And I weep alone.

I know in my mind the setback is temporary because I have been down this road before. Then a fellow sojourner provides a glimmer of hope and I am comforted.

But I still need a little more time and a really appropriate song:

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