The Watercooler ~ Dirty Little Secrets Politicians Won't Tell You About Illegal Immigration

Listening to politicians address what to do about illegal immigration is mind-boggling. The political posturing — using the issue as a football to jockey for more political power — leaves most Americans in the dark about what is really going on.


To listen to the debate, you would think the only issue that matters is how humanely we treat the millions of people who have blatantly broken our laws to come here, and continue blatantly breaking them to stay here.

I have watched in horror as my state, California, has been gradually turned into a full-on sanctuary state. As a result, I feel more savvy than many of you may be who live in non-border states about the manipulation of the facts. And it is even more exasperating when I listen to some conservatives attack and try to shame those of us who are adamantly opposed to illegal immigration — which has nothing whatsoever to do with racism.

As just a small sample of the cost to taxpayers for rewarding illegal behavior, a bill was recently signed into law in California giving illegal aliens the “right” to a driver’s license. In a flurry of activity to prepare for the influx of the expected 1.4 million illegal aliens who will be eligible for the licenses starting in January 2015, California is opening up special Department of Motor Vehicle offices just for the purpose of processing the applications. Cost to the taxpayers: $140-220 million for the first three years to implement the illegal scheme. Granted, the $33. application fee will defray the cost by about $46 million but who cares about the taxpayers footing the rest of the bill? Not only are illegal aliens being pampered and given the red carpet, law-abiding citizens and immigrants are not supposed to feel righteous indignation or even a little anger about it without being attacked as racist.


As seems true with all aspects of government these days, if you want to know the truth about what illegal immigration is costing the taxpayers in the U.S., you will have to inform yourself because the politicians are not going to tell you the truth.

In order to get the most comprehensive facts on immigration in America, there is no better website than FAIR — the Federation for American Immigration Reform. Just click on your state on this map to start educating yourself on what it’s costing you to educate, medicate and incarcerate (and some of the time house, feed and clothe) illegal aliens and then dare someone to point fingers at you and accuse you of being a racist because you resent paying for this scam.

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