The Watercooler ~ State of the Primaries Open Thread

We have a break in primaries today. The main event for this week will be the election between Raul Labrador and Kevin McCarthy for the majority leader in the house on Thursday. Next week, however, things begin to pick up:


Thad Cochran and Chris McDaniel will fight for the Mississippi Republican Senate nomination one last time in a runoff. There are primaries in New York, where 27 districts will need to choose their House candidates — although most of the races aren’t competitive. There is a great Republican Senate primary in Oklahoma, and there are Senate and gubernatorial primaries in Colorado. Florida, Utah and Maryland are also holding primaries but there are few marquee contests on the schedule.

In July, there will be a handful of primary run-offs, but for the most part, elections workers go into summer vacation mode between June 24 and August 5.

In Alaska, the Republican Senate primary won’t be held until August 26, and New Hampshire has one of the last primaries of the season on September 9.



While most of the commentary regarding the glorious ousting of Eric Cantor has centered around strategy, voter’s motives and positions the candidates held, not enough credit has been given to Dave Brat’s bold exposure of Cantor’s weaknesses. If you have time to watch this May 28 Dave Brat press conference on immigration, you will see the kind of fighter we all long for in the Republican Party. Can you imagine what would have happened if Mitt Romney had shown this kind of courage against Obama in 2012?

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