The Watercooler ~ GOProud Takes Their Ball and Goes Home

In a noble attempt to hold their heads high and claim victory anyway, the founders of GOProud — Jimmy Lasalvia and Chris Barron — wrote this piece at Breitbart as news of the demise of GOProud was leaking out to the blogosphere over the weekend. While the founders both resigned from their positions and are no longer involved in the operations of GOProud, they had this to say:


This week the news broke that the new leadership is closing GOProud. We are incredibly proud of the work we did in our four years at GOProud and incredibly honored to have gotten to work side-by-side with so many amazing friends and allies within the conservative movement. For us, the end of GOProud is certainly bittersweet. But the end of the entity is not the end of the mission, nor is it the end of the work that gay and straight conservatives will continue to do to build a stronger movement and a better country.

While at this point in time the details from the current board of directors regarding the decision to shut down are unknown to the public, rumor has it that after LaSalvia and Barron resigned their positions as executive director and chief strategist, respectively, in 2013, GOProud’s ability to fund-raise and carry on with their mission never recovered from the loss.

For those of us who consider ourselves faithful social conservatives this story is mostly good news.

But for those who consider themselves conservative but are squishy on social issues, this ending for GOProud may leave them feeling ambivalent over the loss. After all, as the article at Breitbart makes clear, it was Andrew Breitbart who inspired and encouraged the founders of GOProud to pursue their dream of finding acceptance in the GOP. And many otherwise conservative political allies get very frustrated with the Christian wing in the GOP who cannot find a way to compromise and make peace with the gay pride quasi civil rights movement.


Setting aside our differences, as an objective observer, it is sad in a way that Log Cabin Republicans and people like LaSalvia and Barron are unable to grasp why we can’t all just get along and why socons won’t give up our resistance to complete acceptance of their life styles since “the times as they are a changin’.”

And that will always be the dilemma for those of us whose faith guides all of our principles and actions. We have wisdom from God that we will not ignore no matter what popular culture or political movements say or do. This sets apart from those who lack this same wisdom in ways that sometimes we cannot even put into words.

Nevertheless, we stay our course and refuse to be forced out of the debate or shamed and humiliated into silence as the battle rages. Some truths just cannot be changed or denied. For those of us who understand this, patience is our greatest ally.

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