Black State Senator Leaves Dems and Explains, "Why I Am A Republican"

Had to pass on this video. Could it be that the blacks are finally opening their eyes and realizing that the Democrat Party in America has always historically been their worst enemy? And could it be that our first black president — Barack Hussain Obama — helped wake up the blacks by embarrassing them as they watched the most radical liberal push them further into poverty and government dependence?


I think so. I also think most blacks have been shocked by Obama’s anti-God, liberal social policies and that it’s creating a backlash against liberalism across the board.

Watch this video as Elbert Guillory, a Louisiana State Senator, explains why he decided to switch parties a couple weeks ago. Enjoy.

I’ll have to do some more research to find out how Elbert Guillory came to his senses. His story is worth telling, and telling,…and telling again.

Addendum: 6/19/13 I found this speech announcing his switch to the Republican Party and it is clear much of his “disappointment” with the Dem Party can be attributed to Obama’s performance for sure. Thanks, Obama. Your presidency has forced people to sit up and get involved.

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