Can We Talk of Liberal Hypocrisy?

It is often useful to review the past to see how it affects the present and with the rise of The One, we can see revealed the basic hypocrisy of the left that is so blatant as to be nearly unbelievable. Well, unbelievable if anyone were to mistakenly imagine that liberals and leftists actually have any principles, that is. The hypocritical shift that attitudes on the left took between George W. Bush’s days in office and that of Barack “I won” Obama is stark, but revealing.

Let us start with the left’s unhinged reaction to the Tea Party movement.

Unprincipled showmen like Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow pretended not to understand the protests and immediately turned any actual discussion of policy differences into some lowborn sex joke. Some Obama administration officials even began to call the protesters “dangerous” and unpatriotic. These unprincipled lefties were aghast at anyone that would have the temerity to protest “the government” and “our president.”

But let us go back only a matter of months, before the 2008 elections. Then the left was saying that it was “patriotic” to “question government.” Then protests were deemed a must, something that made participants a quintessential American citizen that “cared” enough to protest.

There was more hypocrisy with left-wing critics after the Tea Party protests were held. Contrary to the lies the left tried to foster, the Tea Party protests were not created at a “corporate” level as the left’s protests always are. By corporate, I mean that the left’s protests are created, funded, and organized by professional protester organizations funded by the deep pockets of folks like George Soros. Further, enemy states have helped fund and organize leftist protests in the USA since the 1960s. Communist party agencies have throughout the modern era infiltrated and funded leftist protest in America and still do today. Left-wing protests are the farthest things from the “grass-roots” as one can imagine.

Additionally, leftist protests also represent a wide range of extremist issues. From the unhinged antics of Code Pink, to your average commies, to those hate-filled anti-Semites and pro-Palestinian terror groups, to anti-WTO, anti-nuke and anti-war groups, leftist protests are never organized for a single reason or to represent a single “group.” When one attends a left-wing protest, any manner of leftist signs and causes can be seen.

After the first wide spread Tea Party protests, though, the left ginned up its response. And what was the left’s criticism? Why, those Tea Party protests weren’t really of just one issue, the left scoffed. Left-wing criticism holds that the Tea Party protests are illegitimate because they weren’t about only one issue all the while they’ve never once had a protest that was about one issue. The hypocrisy is that the left wants to hold the Tea Party to a standard they’ve never once met themselves.

Then the left tried to lie and clam that the Tea Party movement was somehow orchestrated behind the scenes by Fox News, or other conservative think tank groups, or some such nonsense. But, why should this bother them? They should know about secret, behind the scenes groups organizing protests. After all, their protests are organized behind the scenes by professional protest organizations and foreign enemy states. So, these unprincipled leftists are criticizing the Tea Party movements for doing the very things they themselves do with their own left-wing protests like those carried on during George W. Bush’s term in office.

So, what happened between then and now?

“I won.”

In another round of hypocritical left-wing reactions, we find that the left’s main criticism of the right with the Arlen Specter party switch is that conservatives are driving moderates out of the party and this, therefore, makes the GOP “filled with extremists.”

Of course, the fact that Arlen Specter has never been a reliable GOP vote since the day he switched from the Democratic Party to the GOP in order to win election back in the 1960s is never brought up by the left-wingers. Specter has been a thorn in the side of the GOP since the beginning and has as often as not stood against the Party line as voted for it.

But, even if that wasn’t the case, even if Specter had only been against the GOP Party line on but a small number of issues, there is quite a bit of hypocrisy in the left’s reaction to Benedict Arlen’s switch. You see, the left-wing had worked itself into a lather to excommunicate one of its own only as far back as 2006. Extremist left-wing groups like the Daily Kos even fielded a candidate to destroy Connecticut’s Senator Joe Lieberman, a man that was the vice presidential candidate for their own party only four years previous. And it wasn’t just the extreme end of the party that launched this war against Joe because the Democratic Party establishment joined the far left in its quest.

And why were they trying to kill Joe Leiberman’s Senate career? Was Lieberman voting against the party line on every other issue as Arlen Specter did the GOPs? Was he even unreliable on a handful of issues? No, Joe Lieberman was targeted for destruction by the Democratic Party over one issue: the war in Iraq.

Now, with Specter’s departure from the GOP, the left’s criticism is that the GOP can’t stand what is supposed to be “principled” differences on a small variety of issues. The left scoffs that the right has no tolerance for dissent. Yet, they themselves tried to destroy a man’s political career over disagreement over a single issue.

So, what happened between then and now?

“I won.”

What we see here is a stark reminder that the left has no principles at all. When they are out of power they will employ any and all arguments that they think will convince the nation to their side. But when in power they will turn those same arguments on their head and use them as a weapon against their opponents. There is no consistency, no logic and no common sense to their attacks. It is all emotion based. And they are all lies.

So, what happened between then and now?

“I won.”